Rick Wilson hilariously lays out the reasons why Trump impeachment is necessary


After nearly three years of waiting, House Democrats finally have the smoking gun they’ve been searching for to start an impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump. And now GOP strategist Rick Wilson is totally on board, not just because of everything Trump has done, but because it’s the only way to hold him accountable.

Trump’s plot to extort Ukraine into interfering with the 2020 Election by dangling military aid in exchange for dirt on former Vice-President Joe Biden blew up in his face this week, and got even worse once a transcript summary revealed that Trump did, in fact, pressure Ukrainian President Zelensky to open a probe against Biden’s son.

That opens the door for Congress to demand an actual full transcript and the full whistleblower complaint against Trump that started this saga.

But GOP strategist Rick Wilson added his two cents to the voices expressing support for impeaching Trump on Wednesday, not only because Trump has committed many crimes warranting his ouster, but because Democrats had been unable to hold him accountable any other way by playing by normal rules. As per usual, Wilson laid out his reasons for Trump to be impeached in a hilarious manner.

“As impeachment looms, it’s important to remember that Donald Trump is less a president and more of a gigantic shit golem animated into a husky-sized suit with the singular superpower of blowing up everything around him in order to save his own bloated ass,” Wilson colorfully began. “For all that he’s utterly obvious in his corruption, and as much as the case for impeachment is writ large with every tweet, I was a reluctant convert to the impeachment movement.”

“It’s not simply that Trump richly deserves to be impeached for corruptions large and small, obstructing justice, lavish self-dealing to promote his mid-tier faux-luxury golf resorts and hotels, misuse of government office, abuse of executive powers, rampant cruelty, dickishness, necromancy (have you seen Steve Bannon lately?), and lying to the American people,” Wilson continued. “Those are givens.”

“Democrats had been unable to effectively hold Trump or his crapulous minions to account for a simple reason; they’re playing by the old rules,” he said. “They thought the courts can compel Trump’s White House to do, well, anything. They still think the attorney general plays by rules other than his desire to protect Trump and to ensure the triumph of his vision of maximalist executive power.”

Indeed, Democrats tried doing things the normal way, now they have no choice but to exercise impeachment powers, which gives them even more ability to subpoena documents and testimony to investigate Trump on multiple fronts, including his taxes, obstruction of justice, abuse of power and his scheme to force Ukraine to investigate one of his political opponents.

In the end, Trump only has himself to blame for forcing Congress to pull the trigger on impeachment. He believed he could be a dictator and get away with it. He still does. Anyone who thinks that way is a direct threat to our democracy and has no problem playing dirty instead of playing by the normal political rules of engagement. It’s time for Congress to send a message that the real power lies with the legislative branch. After all, the founding fathers did not make it Article I of the Constitution for nothing.

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