Rick Wilson hilariously takes aim at Trump for taking a victory lap after Mueller report release


President Donald Trump wants everyone to believe that he’s off the hook and that the Mueller report was a big victory for him. Republican strategist Rick Wilson wants everyone to know that Trump is full of sh*t.

Immediately after Attorney General Bill Barr’s sham press conference to spin the report in Trump’s favor, Trump took to Twitter and declared “Game Over” using Game of Thrones font, which he has ridiculously done before.

But while Trump initially declared victory, he and his cronies haven’t been acting like winners at all.

“The most striking part of the last two days is how Donald Trump and his allies are acting like losers, more aggrieved, bitchy, and petulant than ever,” Wilson wrote in a new op-ed for The Daily Beast. Somehow, “total exoneration” sounds like less like a win and more like a whine.”

Indeed, and that’s because Americans know the truth because the Mueller report reveals no such victory and is far more damning than Barr portrayed.

“Americans now have confirmation for the history books of the most crucial in-kind donation to an American presidential campaign, ever,” Wilson continued. “We see in black-and-white the degree and depth of the Russian active measures, propaganda, and intelligence warfare efforts that were the secret sauce of Trump’s 2016 victory over Hillary Clinton. It wasn’t just MAGA or the Wall or celebrity bullshitting. An essential element of Trump’s victory was the work of Putin’s Little Helpers. And we have confirmation that at this critical moment, we had an attorney general who put Donald, not America, first.”

Barr repeatedly made excuses for Trump in an effort to absolve him of the ten instances of obstruction Mueller listed in the report.

Wilson noted that Trump’s whole effort to portray the Mueller report as a coup against him failed miserably.

“They had hoped to turn the Mueller Report against itself—“no puppet” style”—to argue it exposed prosecutorial excesses and a conspiracy against Trump,” he wrote. “Of course, it demonstrated nothing of the sort. Robert Mueller’s investigation as special counsel was, as expected, professional, bounded, and dedicated to finding the truth.”

Wilson then concluded by skewering Trump’s “Game Over” tweet.

As the Trump world is declaring that the game is over, and the board swept clean, Mueller farmed out 14 elements of his investigation to other U.S. Attorney offices, including 12 we only learned existed with the release of his report. Those will continue to roll out more information, more news, and more convictions in the months to come.

Congress now gets its bite of the apple, and the hidden secrets of Trump’s 2016 campaign and his reign of misrule will continue to come into the light. Mueller’s obstruction section practically screams for Congress to dig deeper, and exercise their right to hold the president accountable for his actions, including—most certainly—abuse of the powers of his office.

Never take a victory lap until you’re sure the race is over. Trump hijacked the Game of Thrones font to tweet “Game Over,” but it still looks more like Winter Is Coming.

That’s certainly true. State and federal prosecutors continue to investigate Trump as we speak, spin-offs of the original investigation that also include probes into possible tax evasion, money laundering, insurance fraud, and campaign finance felonies, just to name a few.

Trump’s declaration of victory is premature and the fact is that he has not been cleared of obstruction of justice. Congress can still impeach him and a federal prosecutor can easily bring charges against him after he is out of office, which could be as soon as January 2021 if the American people reject Trump in 2020. That winter could certainly end up giving Trump the chills.

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