Rick Wilson nukes Paul Manafort after judge sentences him to four years in prison


GOP strategist Rick Wilson took a massive parting shot at Paul Manafort after a federal judge sentenced the Trump associate to serve four years behind bars on Thursday in the first of two sentencing hearings, the second of which comes next week and will likely tack on several more years.

President Donald Trump’s former campaign manager got busted by Special Counsel Robert Mueller for committing multiple crimes, including bank fraud and tax evasion stemming from the Russia investigation. Manafort even got caught lying to Mueller.

Manafort held out for a pardon that never came, and now he gets to continue mulling over Trump’s betrayal as he awaits another sentencing that could result in him dying in prison seeing as how he is 69-years-old.

In response to the sentencing, Wilson basically wrote what amounts to an obituary praising karma for being a “magnificent b*tch” while also warning other Trump associates that they are next.

“Manafort’s life — which had been anything but blameless — is nonetheless over,” Wilson wrote. “He faces more sentencing in his D.C. trial next week, with a recommendation thereof up to 10 more years. He may never see more than a patch of daylight in the prison yard until he is carried out feet first and buried in a potter’s field.”

“If anyone ever tempted the fates in our political ecosystem, it was Manafort,” he continued. “He lived a life of opulence bordering on the decadent, fueled by a career made by serving the worst authoritarians, dictators, warlords, and shit-tier human rights abusers he could scrape out of the gutter to monetize.”

And then he found Trump, who turned out to be his perfect match and his downfall.

“Paul Manafort may have thought himself to be as slippery as a greased eel, both with Trump and the Russians, but in the end, his bluff was called by one Robert Mueller, who is the opposite of Manafort in every axis,” Wilson wrote.

Manafort colluded with Russia by handing a Russian oligarch internal Trump campaign data and lied about it.

“Robert Mueller didn’t lead some innocent lamb to the slaughter; the Special Counsel gave Manafort every chance to save himself,” Wilson pointed out. “Instead, Manafort ordered more than enough rope to string himself up.”

He then sent a warning message to other Trump associates who might be indicted.

For those of you facing indictment, including those are you in the Trump orbit who know what’s coming but haven’t yet heard the knock of the US Marshals on your door, here’s a helpful reminder: Trump will always lie. He will always throw you under the bus. He will always shift the blame. He will always promise you everything and leave you hanging.

In the end, Wilson observed that Manafort could have saved himself by fully cooperating with Mueller. But Manafort really believed Trump would reward him for being his stooge. Boy, was he wrong.

“Karma is a magnificent bitch,” he concluded. “Manafort’s service to the worst in this world brought him the highest position in the Trump campaign. His lies, crimes, and attempt to subvert justice brought him this term in prison. In protecting Trump and playing for a pardon that will never come, Manafort sentenced himself.”

Frankly, Manafort got lucky to only get four years since the sentencing guidelines called for 19 to 25 years. But Judge T.S. Elliot had a clear bias against the Special Counsel from the start. Judge Amy Berman Jackson, the same judge overseeing Roger Stone’s case, likely won’t be as lenient next week.

And then, unlike Michael Cohen, whom Republicans falsely accused of testifying against Trump for less time in prison, we might get a watch a Trump stooge really flip in exchange for a lighter sentence.

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