Rick Wilson Takes ‘Individual 1’ To The Woodshed For Not Knowing How The Law Works


GOP strategist Rick Wilson once again humiliated President Donald Trump on Friday night for falsely declaring that new reports from Special Counsel Robert Mueller clear him of wrongdoing.

Not long after Mueller released documents that reveal Michael Cohen broke the law at the direction of “Individual 1,” who can only be Trump himself, making Trump an unindicted co-conspirator, Trump took to Twitter to laughably claim that the documents vindicate him.

During an appearance on CNN with Don Lemon, the always biting Rick Wilson hilariously tore into Trump for being clueless”

“I’m not sure Individual 1 understands exactly how the law works,” Wilson said. “Because just wish-casting yourself and saying ‘Oh, I’m cleared now, it’s all good’ is, you know, Donald Trump fabulism writ large. This is a guy who clearly spent the day in a growing state of anxiety and rage. I mean this morning was some classic rage tweeting. And you’ve got to imagine they were trying to beat the door of the John down trying to get the guy out so he’d stop tweeting this morning.”

Indeed, Trump spent his Friday morning rage-tweeting against Mueller and the investigation ahead of the reports, sending 14 tweets accusing Mueller and his team of any imaginary crime or bias he could think of and accusing Democrats of crimes they did not commit.

“This is not a well man,” Wilson continued. “This is a guy who honestly believes that he can change the fabric of reality and make the law go away by tweeting at it. This is like King Canute trying to push the waves back. It’s not going to work at the end of the day. There’s a lot of things today that are going to accrue in the assessment of Donald Trump including the fact for the first time the Department of Justice has said that Donald Trump asked his minion, Mike Cohen, to commit felonies. This is an ugly, bad, no-good day for Donald J. Trump.”

Here’a the video via YouTube.

Make no mistake, Trump is in serious legal trouble and it looks like Mueller is setting up to drop the hammer on him soon. It’s not something Trump can just tweet away. And he certainly can’t pretend Mueller’s reports are clearing him. Because they don’t clear him and any legal expert worth their salt agrees that Trump is screwed.

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