Right-Wing ‘Christian’ Bryan Fischer says Islam ‘must be stopped’ sympathizes with NZ mosque shooter

Bryan Fischer who says he "hates Islam." Screen capture by RightWingWatchdotorg via YouTube video

An anti-Islamic right-wing talk radio host who’s the darling of the GOP has used his program to attack Islam and those who follow it whenever possible. So, of course, following the massacre of innocent Muslims in New Zealand he had plenty to say on his “Focal Point” radio program Friday, Right Wing Watch reports.

Bryan Fischer, who also writes for the American Family Association, a right-wing nonprofit organization, said that while he doesn’t support the manner in which the shootings were carried out, he sympathizes with the shooter’s objectives.

“I hate Islam,” he said. “I hate Islam because it is a danger to everything that is important to me: my faith, my country, my liberty, Christianity, civil rights. Everything that you and I treasure is threatened by Islam.”

But brutally murdering Muslims “is the wrong way to go about it,” he said, adding that the shooter was “correct only in that Islam is something that does need to be stopped.”

He called for those who committed the massacre to be publicly tried and executed but said “vigilante justice” is going to happen more frequently because governments aren’t doing enough to eliminate the threat Islam poses.

“One of the things that happens to guys like this, is if they’ve got some loose wiring to begin with and they see that their government is not doing what is necessary to protect them — whether it is from illegal aliens, whether it is from jihadis, whether it is from vengeful Muslims — if they see that their government is not doing their jobs to promote justice, to carry out justice, to protect national security, then they’re going to start thinking, ‘Well, I can’t count on the government to do it, so I’m going to have to take things into my own hands,” Fischer said. “That’s where you get vigilante justice … and unfortunately, I think we saw a case of that today in New Zealand.”

Funny how people like Fischer always blame Muslims when white, male, Christian domestic terrorists are the ones committing many of these atrocities, Vox notes. Indeed, according to a 2015 report by The New York Times, homegrown extremists have carried out more deadly attacks than so-called radical Muslims.

This chart shows just how common domestic acts of terrorism are, as compared to Islamic terror in the U.S.

Right-wing domestic terrorism is much more common than Islamic terrorism in the U.S. Graphic courtesy of Scott Pham/Reveal

Yet Fischer fervently believes that all Muslims should be deported and that Muslim immigration should be banned. In one instance, he called Muslims a “toxic cancer” in the U.S.

“We allow unrestricted Muslim immigration into the United States we are welcoming to our shores, welcoming to our borders, men who are determined to destroy us,” he said. “They’ve said it themselves, it’s in their own writings, it’s in their own words; they’re out to eliminate and destroy Western civilization. It’s just absolute folly to invite that kind of toxic cancer into our culture, but that’s what we’re doing every single day.”

These are woefully ignorant words. Far right Christians committing acts of terror on American soil are a malignant form of “toxic cancer.”

Here’s a sampling of what Fischer has to say.

Featured image by RightWingWatchdotorg via YouTube video