Right-Wing Christian pastor says rise of AOC is a sign of God’s judgment on America (VIDEO)

Another right-wing Christian
Rick Joyner. Screen capture by RightWingWatchdotorg via YouTube video

A right-wing Christian who blamed “sin” for causing the catastrophic fires that devastated California in November 2018, instead of the inept utility companies that played a major role, is now after Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez because she’s one of America’s “capricious children.”

Rick Joyner, founder of MorningStar Ministries posted a video Monday in which he claimed her rise to prominence is a sign of God’s judgment, DeadState, and Right Wing Watch report. Her popularity, he insists, is fulfilling a biblical prophecy.

“[The Bible] talks about, in Isaiah, when we start calling good evil and evil good and honoring the dishonorable and dishonoring the honorable — which we’re doing now as a country — do you know what the consequences for doing that is, the judgment of God that would come upon the countries that would do that? Capricious children will be your leaders,” he said.

But he wasn’t content to stop there.

“Capricious children,” Joyner said. “I couldn’t imagine anyone [being] more capricious than this Ocasio-Cortez … how shocking is this? It’s happening right before our eyes, prophesy being fulfilled.”

This, from a man who blamed President Obama for the surge in white supremacist groups during Donald Trump’s presidency. This, from a man who says he thinks Christian “prophets” disseminate news more accurately than journalists do.

In the instance regarding Obama, he criticized the Black Lives Matter movement, saying people who attack Trump for being an apologist for white nationalists but stay silent when it comes to BLM are “hypocrites of the worst order.” He asserted, ridiculously, that BLM is more to blame “for the divisions rising in America than the white supremacist groups.”

“And they are the ones, I believe, as responsible as any hate group — as responsible as any hate group — as a matter of fact, far more so for the divisions rising in America than the white supremacist groups,” he said.

Joyner added:

“Why do I say that? Because the white supremacist groups probably would not exist now if it had not been for Obama. They were just about fading out, we had just about dealt with racism in America.”

As if an aging, white, conservative Christian male would know anything about racism against African-Americans. And what’s he suggesting here, anyway? That no more Black people run for president lest they wake up the racists? What kind of perverse logic is this?

Earlier this month another right-wing Christian extremist (that’s what I’m going to start calling these people) compared Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie Sanders to the devil.

“Bernie’s theology is of the devil,” said Chris McDonald. “Ocasio-Cortez’s theology is of Satan … this is a spiritual war folks.”

Perhaps Ocasio-Cortez has rubbed Joyner the wrong way because she stands for empowering women and the rights of immigrants. But if anyone’s fueled racism in the U.S. it’s Trump, with his attacks on Black NFL players, his almost insane insistence on a border wall and his attacks on immigrants.

Here’s Joyner’s extremism in action in the video below.

Featured image by RightWingWatchdotorg via YouTube video