Right-wing Christian talk radio host fear mongers that Ilhan Omar ‘Might be a suicide bomber’

McFiles host Chris McDonald. Image by RightWingWatchdotorg via YouTube video

As host of The McFiles program, Chris McDonald has espoused some rather bizarre ideas. And unfortunately, Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) is his latest target. He wants Omar kicked out of Congress because she might be a suicide bomber since she’s one of the first Muslim women (and the first Somali-American) ever elected to Congress.

But that’s enough for McDonald to suggest on his program that she’s dangerous to her fellow Congress members and to America itself, Right Wing Watch reports.

“This lady is so radical, this lady embraces Islamic jihad,” he said. “It would not be surprising to me if this lady doesn’t strap on a bomb and do something dastardly, that’s how radical she is.”

McDonald didn’t stop there.

“She hates America and she hates Israel,” he said. “And what do the jihadis do? That’s what they do … That’s what their religion does, and yet we’re sitting here, letting her make laws and have a voice in Congress. Personally, they need to have her out of Congress yesterday.”

As a progressive Democrat, Omar is advocating for a living wage, and access to affordable housing, The Cut reports. She’s also advocating debt forgiveness for students struggling to pay loans and wants to see ICE abolished and DACA recipients protected.

Perhaps it’s those last two points that stick in McDonald’s craw because he thinks she hates America.

“That’s how I feel how dangerous she is,” McDonald said. “It’s diabolical, it’s dangerous because you’ve got somebody who hates this country and she’s not committed to the Constitution. And I don’t think, for a second, that that thought — I guarantee you — had not flipped through her mind.”

Earlier this month on his program, McDonald devoted the entire show to “The Demonic Root of Pedophilia-Infested Hollywood.” Specifically, he went off on Lady Gaga, who stars in the recent remake of “A Star Is Born,” saying she’s literally full of the devil.

“Lady Gaga basically literally performed a satanic summoning of a demon at the Super Bowl [in 2017]” McDonald declared. “The halftime show was nothing but a demonic ritual.”

Satan at the Super Bowl, who knew?

“This lady, who is full of the devil,” he added, “this past January, she’s thrust onto the scene [in] a blockbuster movie, a remake of a 1978 film called ‘A Star Is Born.’ There are no coincidences. You know what this is referencing folks? What is Lucifer called? He’s called the Morning Star or the Fallen Star.”

He then goes on to say that the movie’s title “is a slap to the American public with a demon.”

And when people like McDonald say things like this, it’s very clear that he’s the one who’s dangerous. Not Ilhan Omar, who has progressive ideas and wants to help struggling people. One can almost imagine McDonald calling on his followers to conduct witch hunts. Because he does have followers, oh yes he does. He has nearly 2800 of them, and his show has been liked nearly 4,900,000 times. And that means most, if not all of these people are influenced by him. In one way or another.

So Ilhan Omar is the one we have to look out for?

Here’s McDonald’s commentary in the video below.

Featured image by RightWingWatchdotorg via YouTube video