Right-Wing YouTube star tells fellow Christians to ‘pay zero attention’ to New Zealand mosque shootings

Daubenmire is a right-wing Christian
Dave Daubenmire. Screen capture by Coach Dave TV via YouTube video

In the aftermath of the deadly shootings that claimed 50 lives at two mosques in Christ Church, New Zealand, at least one right-wing Christian and YouTube star is claiming Christians shouldn’t care. They shouldn’t even offer sympathy, says “Coach” Dave Daubenmire.

In fact, he insists, Christians shouldn’t even think of the Muslim victims at all. And he said so on his YouTube show “Pass The Salt,” writes The Friendly Atheist’s Hemant Mehta.

“Please do me a favor,” he says. “Please pay zero attention to the mosque shooting. Okay? … Do you have any idea how many Christians around the world are killed by Muslims every day? Do you have any idea? I saw, like, 84,000 Christians killed by Muslims in the last year…All over the news was ‘These poor Muslims were shot.’ And I’m not condoning the shooting of Muslims, but wake up here, will ya?”

Daubenmire is not exalting us to “love thy neighbor as thyself,” and Mehta doesn’t mince words about this man’s behavior.

“It’s not clear which part of his a** he pulled that statistic out of… but it’s worth pointing out that he wants sympathy for Christians killed at the hands of Muslim extremists, while urging his listeners to offer none of it for peaceful Muslims who died at the hand of a right-wing terrorist.”

Or, if you will, a Christian extremist.

But this brand of hateful nastiness isn’t unusual for Daubenmire, who’s insisted on earlier programs that Christians aren’t obligated to help starving Muslims.

“You telling me I’m supposed to be giving money to feed those Muslims? Are you kidding me? Sorry. Individually, I may want to, but do I have an obligation to do that? No.”

But he’s also singled out Hillary Clinton for special attention in the past. In an off-the-rails convo with conspiracy theorist Larry Nichols, who claimed she was “filthy dirty,” “had greasy hair,” and “hairy legs and hair under her arms,” and was wearing a necklace that declared her a “proud member of the Communist Party.”

“She smelled and I just thought she smelled because of hygiene,” Nichols said, adding that the smell lingered even after she was cleaned up.

“It’s a smell, it’s kind of like rotten meat, it’s just an awful odor.”

Conspiracy theorists like to bring these sorts of things up, and then complain when rational people don’t believe them.

But Daubenmire had an explanation for all that.

“In my opinion, I believe that she is demon-possessed,” he said. “Scripture talks about demons have an odor, give off an odor. This will make Right Wing Watch, Larry. They like to laugh at us, but I believe it to be true.”

Daubenmire, with his extreme beliefs, wants his fellow Christians to ignore the suffering of innocent people. Which doesn’t sound very Christian at all.

You can watch him talk about more outlandish topics in the video below.

Featured image by Coach Dave TV via YouTube video