RNC chair Ronna McDaniel attacks Democrats over Mueller hearing and gets trashed


RNC chair Ronna McDaniel completely denied reality on Wednesday when she attacked the Mueller hearing by claiming that Democrats held it because they are sore over the 2016 Election. Americans called out her BS and trashed her relentlessly in response.

Former Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s testimony absolutely skewered Trump as he confirmed that the report did NOT exonerate him. Mueller also made it clear, to the shock of Rep. Ken Buck (R-Co.), that Trump can be prosecuted for committing obstruction of justice after he leaves office or is impeached.

Overall, it was a bad day for Trump, but McDaniel ignored the content of the damning testimony and made an effort to deflect from it by accusing Democrats of holding the hearing to get political revenge against him.

If that’s really what McDaniel thinks Mueller’s testimony was all about, she clearly did not watch the same hearing that everyone else did. Because Americans responded by humiliating her with the facts.

McDaniel should have just remained silent today. Instead, she proved that Trump is frightened and that she has no conscience whatsoever. But what else can you expect from a woman who gave up her own name to appease the felon in the White House?

Featured Image: Wikimedia