RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel gets rolled on Twitter for attacking SDNY for Trump


RNC chair Ronna McDaniel humiliated herself this week by attacking the Southern District of New York for investigating President Donald Trump.

After new investigations were announced, McDaniel immediately took to Twitter to whine about it without so much as making sure she was launching an attack at the correct legal offices.

If she had done a little bit of research, McDaniel would have realized that it was the New York Attorney General’s office that opened new investigations into Trump’s businesses largely based on Michael Cohen’s damning congressional testimony, a separate probe from what the SDNY is pursuing.

Former SDNY prosecutors Preet Bharara and Mimi Rocah responded by slamming Trump’s stooge.

Other Twitter users piled on.

This is not the kind of mistake that an RNC chair should be making and it’s embarrassing, not to mention clear that Republicans will attack any legal institution that opens an investigation against Trump.

Featured Image: Wikimedia