RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel gets wrecked on Twitter for using Obama’s economy to attack Biden


RNC chair Ronna McDaniel went on the attack against former Vice-President Joe Biden on Thursday after he announced his candidacy for president in 2020, only to see her tweets spectacularly backfire.

Even before Trump took office he was taking credit for former President Barack Obama’s economic successes, which included a rising stock market, a low unemployment rate, and 75 straight months of job growth after a brutal recession under the previous Republican administration nearly crippled the nation and the world.

And McDaniel continued to give Trump credit for Obama’s economy by using misleading statistics to attack Biden, who officially jumped into the Democratic primary race:

That net loss occurred because of the Great Recession that began under former President George W. Bush. But after the bleeding stopped in 2010 because of Obama’s economic policies, the economy began to rebound and has continued to this day despite Trump’s trade wars, government shutdowns and tax cut blunders. In fact, the economy only added 20,000 jobs in February of this year because of Trump’s actions, and GDP for the year is set to plummet.

Needless to say, Twitter users wrecked McDaniel for daring to use the economy to attack Biden:

Seriously, Trump and his minions need to stop taking credit for an economy Obama saved. It’s pathetic.

Featured Image: Wikimedia