Roger Stone Boasts About ‘Franken’s Time In The Barrel’ Before Allegations Hit Mainstream Media


Trump’s confidant and former campaign advisor, Roger Stone was suspended from Twitter in late October, but it appears he’s back via another account. Stone can’t seem to keep it to himself when he knows about a scandal about to hit the Democrats. He took to Twitter last year to discuss impending Wikileaks dumps on the Clinton campaign, repeatedly boasting about his backchannel communications with Wikileaks’ founder Julian Assange. New Tweets state that Stone knew about the sexual assault allegation about to be dropped on Senator Al Franken.

First, here is Stone’s Tweet about Clinton campaign manager in August. In October, Podesta’s emails were released. Stone knew something and just couldn’t stop himself from gloating, which would make him one of the many of the subjects of the Russia investigations.

Stone's Tweet about Podesta
Stone’s Tweet about Podesta

Now here is the new Tweet using the same phrase about “time in the barrel,” this time for Franken.

Stone Tweets about Franken
Stone Tweets about Franken

Alex Jones, conspiracy theorist and host of InfoWars, proudly Tweeted that Stone and Rob Dew predicted the forthcoming Franken allegations. The Stone account retweeted the news with the caption, “As predicted by Roger Stone, Senator Al Franken’s time in the barrel is now! #SexScandal.”

Stone appeared with Alex Jones to discuss what he knew about Al Franken. On the show, Stone claimed that Franken’s Senate seat was disputed and that many believe it was “stolen for him through Democratic chicanery.” Stone goes on to say he thinks that more allegations will be coming against another Democratic Senator and a Senate President in California.

Stone called Franken a “condescending snotty liberal,” and said that Franken’s accuser was “well-liked within the Fox family.”

Cheri Jacobus, a writer for USA Today and The Hill, believes that Stone’s foreknowledge indicates the allegations are a hit job on Franken, while not excusing Franken for the apparent misconduct.

Recently, Donald Trump Jr. was found to have colluded with Wikileaks during the 2016 campaign, and that numerous Trump officials had full knowledge of it.

Writer, Jared Yates Sexton, believes that revealing Stone and Trump Jr.’s connections and communications about Wikileaks might solve the ongoing mystery of possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.

Alex Jones and Stone were clearly excited to break the story about Al Franken on InfoWars, saying they “memorialized it.” It remains unclear how Stone knew about it. Stone and Jones have an ax to grind about Franken, accusing him of trying to implicate conservative websites, including InfoWars, with the Russians without proof, which they call “fascism.”

The accusation stems from a piece for The Guardian that Franken authored, in which he discusses a need for “commonsense precautions to prevent the spread of propaganda, misinformation, and hate speech.” Apparently, InfoWars believed Franken’s article, which also argued for protecting net neutrality, was “ominous” and a threat to their website.

Judging by their comments, in which they make many accusations along party lines, say that Franken’s Senate seat was stolen, and even that Franken wants to censor their free speech, it does seem that the allegations against Franken serve to give Stone and company ammo for a political attack.

Franken has been apologetic and forthcoming concerning the incidents with Leeann Tweeden, the woman who accused Franken of sexual misconduct. Tweeden claimed that Rep. Jackie Speier (D-Calif.) inspired her to come forward with her story, and reportedly accepted Franken’s apology.

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