Rudy Giuliani: There Are ‘Traps’ In Mueller’s Written Questions For Trump


The investigation into the 2016 election being conducted by Special Counsel Robert Mueller appears to be reaching an apex, based on recent reporting that President Donald Trump is responding to written questions from the special counsel, news that Mueller has started on his final report, and the sudden reemergence of Rudy Giuliani from exile.

Giuliani told The Washington Post that some of the questions Mueller submitted appear to have no value. But he added that other queries present new legal problems for the president:

“There are some (questions) that create more issues for us legally than others.”

On Thursday, Trump lashed out at the Mueller probe, firing off a series of angry tweets which seemed to suggest the president fears new revelations from the special counsel very soon:

Speculation is rampant in Washington that longtime Trump friend and adviser Roger Stone may soon be indicted, along with the president’s son, Donald Trump Jr.

Giuliani’s comments, however, raise another possible source of Trump’s anger: His inability to respond honestly to some of the questions from Mueller because to do so would expose him to legal jeopardy on multiple fronts. Also, Trump’s propensity for lying could also leave him vulnerable to multiple counts of perjury.

Newsweek is reporting that Trump and his legal team are “preparing for the worst” as the Mueller probe moves ever closer to the Oval Office.

Featured Image Via NBC Screenshot