Sarah Sanders calls Democrats who want to see full Mueller report ‘sore losers’

A report from the New York Times that broke late Wednesday has shaken up the White House and was one of the main topics of an interview with press secretary Sarah Sanders on “Fox & Friends” Thursday morning.

The Times article noted that members of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigative team are upset by Attorney General William Barr’s summary of the Mueller probe that Barr suggested was favorable to President Donald Trump.

Rather than directly address the Times story, Sanders tried to pivot and complain that Democrats haven’t gotten over the fact that Trump won the 2016 election:

“Democrats continue to show, day in and day out, that they’re nothing but sore losers. At some point they have to realize they they have been beat by President Trump in the 2016 election, they’re getting beat by him day in and day out on issues that actually matter.”

What Ms. Sanders neglected to mention is that the Mueller report has nothing to do with the Democrats and Trump’s party lost the 2018 midterm, which returned control of the House of Representatives to the Democrats.

Then Sanders added:

“I think they’re a sad excuse for a political party right now, and I think that at some point they have to decide that they actually govern, and they actually want to change things and make America better and join the president in those efforts.”

Trump’s poll numbers are dismal, and Democrats are a “sad excuse” for a political party? At least Democrats aren’t mired in multiple scandals and ongoing criminal investigations that range from California to New York.

The Mueller report is going to be released sooner or later, and the information contained in it may well lead to the impeachment of Donald Trump. If this administration wants to use insults and lies to try and cover up their own crimes, they’re going to find that’s not a very effective defense.

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