Sarah Sanders gets relentlessly mocked for claiming Ivanka Trump has ‘created millions of new jobs’

Even though she’s longer a member of the Trump administration, it appears that former White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders is still lurking about behind the scenes, at least on social media when it comes to defending the family Trump.

After Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez criticized Ivanka Trump for being prominently featured by the president at the G20 summit (even though she no qualifications for such a job), Sanders immediately rushed to Twitter and tried to slam Ocasio-Cortez while simultaneously promoting Ivanka. But the wording of her tweet was downright absurd:

Ivanka Trump has “created millions of new jobs”? How did she do that? The only jobs the First Daughter has ever created were in sweatshops overseas that produce her clothing line, and those don’t exactly count since the “employees” were paid next to nothing and treated like cattle.

The response on Twitter to what Sanders had posted was immediate:

Sarah, please crawl back to Arkansas and don’t try to lecture us all on how “successful” the Queen of Nepotism is. The irony and stench of fetid BS is overwhelming.

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