Sarah Sanders says Democrats tried to ‘overthrow’ Trump and gets shut down by CNN host

The newest spin coming from the White House is that the Mueller investigation was an attempt by Democrats to “overthrow” President Donald Trump, and that there should be consequences for anyone who ever suggested the connections between Trump’s 2016 campaign and Russia needed to be looked at.

On CNN Monday morning, host John Berman asked White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders about a remark Trump made Sunday when he suggested that the Mueller probe had been an “illegal takedown that failed.” Sanders replied:

“I don’t disagree with him, he’s 100 percent right! These are people who tried to overthrow the president!”

Berman then asked the logical follow-up question:

“Did Robert Mueller try to overthrow the president of the United States?”


“I’m specifically talking about Democrats in the media who helped perpetuate this absurd lie!”

Again, Berman was ready for Sanders, asking her:

“Were Democrats and the media part of the Mueller investigation, were they part of his team of investigators?”

As if sensing she was losing control of the debate, Sanders whined:

“They were among the people who helped make that possible, that pushed this narrative that created this entire spectacle in the first place!”

But when the press secretary tried to blame the Mueller investigation on former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, Berman shut her down in a flash, telling her:

“James Clapper went on TV and made crystal clear that he had seen no evidence of collusion. The investigation, as you know, Sarah, was started after conversations that George Papadopoulos had. The investigation was begun back then and Robert Mueller, in this report… finds two large areas where Russia did try to interfere!”

In the world of Donald Trump and his supporters, Trump is always the aggrieved victim. Nothing is ever his fault, and others are to blame for whatever misfortune befalls him. It’s the old victim syndrome raised to political art form. But it won’t protect Trump from the ongoing investigations in numerous jurisdictions across the country. They can spin all they want, but the truth will win out.

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