Satarist has a “script writing bot” that can hilariously mock both sides of the aisle

When cruising around the tubes we know as the interwebs, I sometimes come across some good stuff. Today, I found some gold.

Satarist Keaton Patti supposedly has a scriptwriting bot. This bot allegedly takes real conversations and events and then writes a script using random keywords and phrases that the person has uttered — and while they usually don’t make a ton of sense, they are hilarious.

Whether this is an actual bot or Patti writing these “scripts” — I honestly don’t know. I do know there was juice all over my laptop’s keyboard after reading this one that portrays a Trump rally, however:

In case one is wondering whether Patti’s brand of humor is exclusively one-sided, it is most certainly not. He also has a “bot script” mash-up of the Democratic Presidential Debates:


One of the best things about Patti and his brand of comedy is that it is just funny — with no hidden agenda behind it. Even though it is about people in politics, nothing about it is very political. Both sides are equally mocked — nothing seems sacred. It reminds us all to never take ourselves too seriously.

Perhaps, in today’s climate, that might be one of the best messages out there.

You can check out more of Keaton Patti’s work here.