Sean Hannity plays Secretary of Defense — Tells Iran Trump ‘is not weak’ and will attack them

Fox News host Sean Hannity is apparently working directly for the Trump administration now, serving as some sort of unofficial Secretary of Defense who sends warnings to foreign nations such as Iran.

On his show Friday evening, Hannity looked into the camera and began reading what sounded like something you’d see in a movie, saying he wanted to speak directly the leaders in Iran just hours after they seized a British-flagged oil tanker in the Straits of Hormuz:

“I want to speak directly to the Iranian mullahs. I want to tell you I have known President Trump for, well, about 23-plus years. Let me tell you what’s not going to happen to help you out tonight and what could happen. You keep pushing this button, and I can promise you the president is never going to engage in a boots on the ground, long protracted conflict.”

How exactly Hannity knows exactly what kind of “conflict” the Department of Defense would favor or what would be approved by the president is a mystery. Nevertheless, Hannity then gave this prediction:

He is going — if he acts, he is going to act and it’s going to be over quickly. That’s my prediction. And you have been warned. It will be over and it will be over quickly. That is my prediction to the Iranian mullahs. So you keep acting the way you’re acting and you will see — like we have been right on so many issues over the years, we will be right on that prediction.

What Hannity neglected to mention is that an attack on Iran by the U.S. would likely set off a series of terrorist attacks across the globe, and most of them would probably be on American interests or on American soil. Multiple terror incidents in the United States could be devastating.

The Fox host ended his threatening soliloquy by insulting our British allies:

Now we all know — if we’re going to be very honest tonight, we know the prime minister, I know the mullahs in Iran knows it, I know the president knows it — that the Prime Minister of Great Britain is weak. President Trump is not weak. If he decides to act, it will be over quickly — and let me add one other thing, you will lose.

How comforting it is to know that Donald Trump listens to loose cannons like Sean Hannity. Next thing you know, Hannity will be urging Trump to put troops in the streets of U.S. cities, cancel the 2020 election, and rule by edict. Don’t pretend it can’t happen. Men with unstable minds do crazy things.

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