White House: Security Clearance Review Won’t Affect Jared Kushner

After getting a lot of flak over its lax temporary security clearances, the Trump Administration is supposedly clamping down on them. Well, except for secretary of everything Jared Kushner, of course.

The New York Times reported on White House Chief of Staff John Kelly’s announcement regarding the way they process temporary security clearances. Kelly’s forceful response was his doing damage control following Rob Porter’s firing, the staff secretary who handled classified information while using a temporary clearance despite having a history of domestic abuse.

But being married to bride Ivanka Trump apparently has its advantages, as Kushner will get a pass, and get to maintain his temporary security clearance.

Despite the fact that Kushner has met with several foreign leaders and handled very sensitive foreign affairs such as the peace process in Isreal, he still doesn’t have a full security clearance.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders told reporters:

“I can tell you that no decision within the memo will impact anything that Jared Kushner is working on. In terms of specifics on security clearance, I can’t get into that.”

Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller’s ongoing Russian investigation has already produced indictments for several key members of Trump’s 2016 campaign and transition team. So the fact that Kushner has his grubby little hands on all of our most important national security intel is beyond disturbing. Even more disturbing is Kushner’s foreign financing efforts, which are now really catching the attention of Robert Mueller.

Let’s put to you this way: Kushner is on the hook for a billion dollar loan payment and obviously has nobody in America willing to pay it. So one can only imagine how much of security risk he must be.

And at this very moment, Donald Trump Jr. is in India to both promote the Trump organization and act as a representative for the Trump admin despite the fact that he isn’t one. I perish to think what type of grammatically incorrect right-wing noise that would engulf Twitter had Hillary Clinton allowed Chelsea to do these type of flagrantly crony things.

Featured image via YouTube Video.