Senate Republicans vote to let Trump start a war with Iran without permission from Congress


Article I, Section 8, Clause 11 of the Constitution clearly states that only Congress has the power to declare war, but that didn’t stop Senate Republicans from refusing to force Trump to seek Congress’ permission to start a war with Iran.

Senate Democrats were joined by four Republicans on Friday to support an amendment requiring Trump to seek a green light from Congress in order to attack Iran.

Trump has come severely close to dragging America into a war with Iran for weeks, especially last week when he ordered an airstrike against Iran only to cancel it at the last minute. The attack likely would have drawn an immediate retaliatory strike against United States forces in the Middle East and would have drawn us into a conflict similar to the Vietnam War.

Unfortunately, while the measure received 50 votes in favor compared to 40 against, it failed to receive 60 votes to pass, which means it’s nothing more than a symbolic rebuke and Trump can interpret the failed passage as permission to go to war whenever he wants.

Several Senate Democrats reacted to the final vote on Twitter by warning Trump to refrain from attacking Iran until he gets a declaration of war from Congress and vowed to keep pushing the amendment until it gets the required 60 votes.

Trump is almost certainly going to take advantage of Senate Republicans’ dereliction of duty. He’s already been close to starting a war with Iran, and now he knows Congress won’t stop him if he does. This is a dangerous power to let Trump have and our troops will be paying the price for it. Blood will not only be on Trump’s hands, but on the hands of Senate Republicans as well.

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