Senator Jeff Flake Puts His Money Where His Mouth Is

Senator Jeff Flake (R-AZ), who recently announced his retirement, is an outspoken critic of the President. The decision not to run for re-election has served to amplify his criticism of President Trump. He has not held back in calling the President on his poor choices and bad judgment.

Earlier this week, Senator Flake put his money where his criticism is. Flake tweeted a picture of the check he wrote and sent to Alabama Senate Candidate Democrat Doug Jones with the caption “Country over Party.”

The tweet comes after President Trump officially endorsed Moore and the Republican National Committee reinstated financial support they had withdrawn from Moore’s campaign.

Moore has been accused by many women of a wide range of sexual misconduct with them when they were teens. The stories range from inappropriate advances to sexual assault.

When the allegations became public, congressional Republicans were quick to distance themselves from the candidate, but following the President’s endorsement, their opposition has wavered.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) once called on Moore to step aside saying “I believe the women,” but has now changed his tune and says the Alabama voters should decide. While his Republican colleagues waver, Flake remains steadfast.

The Senator sent the picture of the check after a working lunch at the White House where, despite his ongoing criticisms, he sat next to the President. During that lunch, the President reportedly repeated his support for Moore.

Flake previously announced publicly that he would support a Democrat over Moore. Today’s tweet and donation were a clear signal that he was not going to succumb to party pressure. To emphasize that message, his memo on the check  read “Country over Party.”

The special election between Moore and Jones is next Tuesday. Moore, who had slipped in the polls after story after story of his sexual abuse of children were made public, has made gains in recent days.

Moore responded to Flake’s tweet in expected fashion, turning Flake’s statement to a call for donations.

Featured Image via YouTube Video