Seth Abramson: Jared Kushner is the worst threat to America


President Donald Trump may not be the person in the White House we should be worrying about the most, argues Harvard Law professor Laurence Tribe and University of New Hampshire professor and attorney Seth Abramson. That would be Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner.

As we all now know, Trump personally intervened to make sure Kushner received top secret security clearance over the objection of intelligence officials who saw multiple red flags concerning Kushner and his various business ties to countries such as Russia, Saudi Arabia, and Israel, among others.

But while we know that Trump has spilled national security secrets to foreign leaders, Kushner is in a position to do even more damage in an effort to secure business contracts in foreign nations. The Kushner family is billions of dollars in debt, and Jared is likely desperate and greedy enough to sell America’s secrets to the highest bidder.

That makes him a traitor who is unfit to serve in the White House, or be a free man for that matter.

And that’s why Abramson explained on Twitter just how dangerous Kushner is and why Americans should be frightened that he has so much power.

Kushner’s dealings with Israel and his desire to do business there could result in him pushing the United States into a war with Iran, something Israel desires because they want us to fight their battles for them. While our troops lose their lives and our Treasury burns through money we don’t have, Israel can sit on the sideline and watch us fight a war they have wanted to trigger for years. In exchange, Kushner gets business deals and a fat bank account. And he is in the perfect position to make it happen.

That’s why Tribe wholeheartedly agreed with Abramson and compared Kushner to Benedict Arnold.

Tribe and Abramson are top-notch legal experts who understand the stakes involved. Kushner is a threat to our survival because of his access to America’s most guarded secrets, and he is willing to sell us out for riches. Americans should be outraged and calling for his ouster from office and his prosecution to the fullest extent of the law.

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