The Shame Of My Service – A Combat Veteran’s Take On Patriotism

I really don’t like America. Get butthurt and tell me to leave, I guess.

But I’d rather have a country that actually stood for the liberty and freedom it markets itself on. Instead, we are a prison farm that targets poor – and most especially poor minority communities – so they can be imprisoned and exploited for free corporate labor while in prison on bogus charges.

Most bogus charges are in the form of drug charges. And if you know the history of U.S. drug wars it always starts and ends with attacking racial demographics. Dating back to the anti-Chinese Opium Wars of the 1880s and all the way up to the 1980s when crack-cocaine had 100 times longer prison sentences for Black men as opposed to “just” cocaine which let white men get a slap on the wrist.

On top of that, you have veterans, the whiniest bitches of all, who complain about the leeches of society and decry socialism and unions while having the best socialist safety net in the world. Veterans benefit from the most powerful union of all – Veterans Service Organizations – and they get mad benefits, but then call civilians lazy sacks of shit. At the same time, they get high on their couches, trying to figure out the best way to increase their compensation rating, so they get more “free money” from the government.

Don’t believe me? Go join a veteran group on Facebook. Vast swaths of them are nothing but frauds trying to figure out how to get more money without working.

We have the NSA surveillance at all-time highs. We have the 4th amendment being quietly stripped by the courts. We have theocracy at the gates of the nation (in the current tax bill); we have people that don’t care about basic human decency who put the profit of their business and their supposed “hard work” as more worthy than the hard work of others.

I do not love the country I served. I am ashamed of it. I was nothing but a mercenary for corporate profit while I wore my uniform. I was a stormtrooper working for the Empire. Maybe I can make up for it in the next life. But I doubt it.

I do not like America. It is not the country I swore an oath to. It is not a source of pride for me.

I like what America could be; not what America is.

Smedley Butler was right. War is a racket. And we’re nothing but pawns for profit.

Featured Image Via YouTube Video.