The Simpsons Hits Trump Admin Where It Hurts Over Mueller Investigation

Matt Groening and the writers at The Simpsons are at it again. They are making headlines today as both firm members of the resistance to President Trump’s regime as well as cunning predictors of the future. In a recent short video released on Twitter the team pulls no punches and shows Trump kidnapping and attempting to bribe special counsel Robert Mueller.

Not only that, but the gang on The Simpsons could be the next great favorite to start calling Mickey Mouse boss. Disney plans to purchase 21st Century Fox for the astronomical price of $52.4 billion in stock.

And the show predicted that in an episode that aired nearly 20 years ago.


In the video short released on Twitter, it opens with Special Counsel Robert Mueller getting into the back of a limousine with a giant-eared rendition of Vice President Mike Pence. Mueller asks Attorney General Jeff Sessions if he is being taken to see Trump.

Our president would never stay in an overstated, rip-off joint like this,” Sessions says, as he points out the window at Trump Hotel.

Mueller is then escorted through a door marked “Russians Welcome” and he enters the hotel. Once inside, Trump pulls a cord and money rains from the ceiling. Mueller immediately tries to arrest Trump. Trump’s response is to say “pardon me.”

Trump goes on to say,

“Oh, I’m not talking to you, I tried to pardon myself. To which Mueller replies, “It won’t work.”

After the two men leave the room a cleaning lady comes in with a vacuum. When she lays down the vacuum she removes her outer clothing to reveal that she is the Mayor of Puerto Rico, Carmen Yulin Cruz.

Before starting to vacuum the cash, she says:

“Finally, Puerto Rico catches a break.”

The video ends with information on how to donate to hurricane victims in Puerto Rico, as there are still millions of people there in desperate need of aid.f


In 1998 The Simpsons aired a Hollywood themed episode titled “When You Dish Upon a Star.” In the opening sequence, the episode featured the standard 20th Century Fox logo with a special addition underneath: “A division of Walt Disney Co.”

The episode aired in November 1998. The Simpsons was in its 10th season at the time. Next year the show will hit a milestone and be in its 30th season.

In this particular episode, Alec Baldwin, his then-wife Kim Basinger, and Ron Howard all become friends with Homer. Homer starts working for Baldwin and Basinger and begins runnings errands for them. Homer messes things up when he starts bragging about working for the couple, however, and they end their friendship with him.

Now, nearly 20 years after the show initially aired, the opening sequence ended up hitting the nail on the head. 20th Century Fox and everything they own except for the news and sports divisions is set to become divisions at Walt Disney.


Seriously, Matt Groening, creator of The Simpsons, just might be the new Nostradamus. This isn’t the first time the show has predicted the future. Indeed, it has happened many times over the years.

In 2000 they aired an episode that foreshadowed a future in which Lisa was president and her predecessor was “President Trump.” Hilariously, after he was actually elected president, in the opening sequence of the next episode, Bart wrote “Being right sucks” on the chalkboard.

Concerning the acquisition, Disney wants a more significant cut from the streaming market. The company predicts that through the purchase of 20th Century Fox and all the content that entails will give them an edge over streaming services like Netflix and YouTube.

The Justice Department still needs to approve the acquisition.

Feature Image via Twitter.