Jeff Sessions’ Racism is Showing Again… Oops! (Video)

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Attorney General Jeff Sessions gave a speech today to a gathering of the nation’s sheriffs. Once again, Sessions proved that he is indeed a natural born racist with some comments that make it obvious just how he feels about people of color.

Sessions spoke in front of the National Sheriffs Association. The National Sheriffs Association is a trade organization with more than 20,000 law enforcement officials that belong to it from one side of the country to the other.


Sessions said to the law enforcement officers:

“The office of Sheriff is a critical part of the Anglo-American heritage of law enforcement,” Sessions said. “We must never erode this historic office.”

Yes, you read that correctly. He said those very words. However, that still leaves a few questions. For example, what exactly does he mean by this statement?

“The Anglo-American heritage of law enforcement” could mean one of a couple of things. Either it is entirely as it sounds and Sessions is as racist as most of us already realize. Or, perhaps, as Tess Owen from Vice News pointed out, he could be talking about the Anglo-Saxon origins of the role of a sheriff, much like that of The Sheriff of Nottingham.

Either way, he is a racist, or he is stupid enough not to understand the importance of watching what he says in the current climate in this country. In either case, he doesn’t belong in the post in which he currently finds himself, that is certain.


Sessions wasn’t done yet, either. While he didn’t say anything else that was as inflammatory as the statement about the Anglo-American sheriff, what he did say was chilling.

“The most important thing that any government does is keep its citizens safe. The first civil right is the right to be safe. Too often, politics gets in the way of that mission.”

While on the surface that may sound nice and protective, but read a little deeper. He mentions civil rights for a very chilling reason. The rights of those dark-skinned people don’t matter to him one bit. It’s entirely okay with Sessions that people of color fear to leave their homes at present so that all his white sycophants feel “safe.”

Politics in that sentence should be exchanged for “equal rights” because it is easy to see what he really means by this statement.

None of these sentiments should come as any surprise to anyone at this point. However, lack of shock should never indicate that these bigots should get a pass or be held any less accountable just because it is what people have come to expect.

Here at ProgressiveLiberal, we work hard to keep them held accountable and to bring you the truth, no matter how commonplace this behavior becomes. We won’t stop until they are all brought to task for saying these terrible, hateful, and divisive things.

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