WH Aides Only Show Snowflake Trump Polls That Make Him Look Good

Trump Matt Lauer
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This isn’t exactly surprising but it demonstrates how much of a thin-skinned snowflake Donald Trump really is.

At the end of October, Trump’s job approval rating stood at a dismal 33 percent. It has since ticked up but is still embarrassingly low compared to former Presidents Obama and Bush at the same time in their first terms in office.

In fact, his poll numbers are the worst in history, which is why he is constantly whining about them and calls them “fake.”

If he thinks polls showing his terrible approval ratings are bad, he should see this poll that shows 40 percent of Americans want him impeached.

The problem for Trump is that Gallup is a science-based poll that takes an accurate snapshot of what Americans think and feel. The sample of Americans is random, whereas polls like conservative-leaning Rasmussen tend to sample more conservative respondents.

So, naturally, when he returned to the White House from his embarrassing trip to Asia, he immediately took to Twitter to crow about a Rasmussen poll showing that his approval rating stands at 46 percent, and declared that the rating is probably even higher.

And it looks like a White House aide purposely showed him the poll to make him happy. You know, the way an abused wife would present her abusive husband with the newspaper, a sandwich, and a beer to keep him happy so he won’t fly into a rage and start hitting her again.

This is what Trump’s narcissism and thin skin have come to.

According to POLITICO,

Aides in the White House often show Trump polls designed to make him feel good, according to aides and advisers. Usually they’re the ones that focus just on voters who cast ballots for him in 2016 or are potential Trump supporters —Trump’s base—but occasionally include public polls like Rasmussen, depending on what the numbers say.

The polls Trump is crowing about are merely those that focus on his base. Some polls were even specifically undertaken by the RNC to guarantee that Trump has majority approval. A White House adviser admitted that:

“The polls are about the base. He cares about the base.”

Politico reported that:

“An RNC spokeswoman said the data is available to show ‘the priorities and sentiments of voters in a way that traditional polling does not.'”

In other words, Trump doesn’t care about what the majority of the American people think or say. He only gives a damn about his voting base. That’s incredibly unpresidential considering the president is supposed to be the leader of the American people as a whole. And as the popular vote in the 2016 Election demonstrates, the majority of the American people opposed Trump and his agenda… By three million votes.

This delusion Trump has that everybody loves him is pathetic. If he really wants the American people to love him, he should buck his base and support policies that a majority of Americans support. Pandering to his base will only turn off independent voters and voters who lean Democratic. Pretending those voters don’t exist or don’t count will only put Trump on the path to being a one-term president, a legacy that would be more humiliating than the polls his staff doesn’t want him to see.

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