Trump supporters have online hissy fit after Malia Obama criticizes Trump

Right-wing British tabloid The Daily Mail posted a story Monday about a secret Facebook account allegedly belonging to Malia Obama, former President Barack Obama’s eldest daughter. On that account, Malia shared images with messages such as “Trump is evil.”

A second article published by the Daily Mail featured Malia drinking wine a few months before she turned 21, as if she’s the only young person to ever do such a thing.

But as you might expect, delicate, insecure Trump acolytes were deeply upset by the articles, so they began attacking Malia on Twitter:

But plenty of people also defended Malia Obama and reminded the Trump faithful of the nasty things the current president has said about the Obamas over the years:

There was also plenty of criticism of the tabloid for refusing to let Malia have her privacy ad live her life:

Featured Image Via YouTube Screenshot