Snowflake Trump whines about SNL and late night shows in morning tantrum

Image by CNN via YouTube video

President Donald Trump threatened late night television and Saturday Night Live for making fun of him on Sunday morning in his latest tantrum about the First Amendment.

Saturday Night Live did not even air a new episode this week and the late night shows do not run on Saturday night, but Trump whined about all of them anyway in a rant in which he actually threatened FCC actions against the programs because his thin skin can’t handle a joke.

The FCC, while it can regulate obscenity and the like, does not have the power to order network programming to stop making fun of Trump. That would make Trump a dictator and would be a violation of the First Amendment. Plus, you never hear Trump complain about the total bias delivered by Fox News and other right-wing programs that deliver propaganda for Republicans on a daily basis. That makes Trump a hypocrite, too.

In addition, Trump’s actual approval rating stands at 42 percent based on an average of the polls. And the reason his approval rating is 93 percent among Republicans is because so many have left the party that the only ones left are Trump’s hardcore supporters, who make up about 30 percent of the population.

Trump has been complaining about the Late Night shows all week, resulting in even more mockery. And you can bet all the hosts of these shows are taking note of this hissy fit.

It appears he has nothing better to do this morning. Oh, wait. Isn’t there a national emergency or something?

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