Soledad O’Brien rips CNN for booking Trump supporters to spew bullsh*t on their network

speaks onstage during TechCrunch Disrupt NY 2016 at Brooklyn Cruise Terminal on May 11, 2016 in New York City.

Despite complaining about President Donald Trump’s stooges peddling bullsh*t on their programming, CNN continues to invite them on the air anyway, and veteran news anchor Soledad O’Brien called them out for it on Tuesday.

After CNN host Brian Stelter claimed to be “gobsmacked” that Trump supporter Kayleigh McEnany is “sowing the seeds of fundamental distrust in our electoral process,” O’Brien reminded him that his boss Jeff Zucker once spoke satisfyingly of booking her as a frequent guest along with racist Jeffrey Lord, who repeatedly defended Trump on the network before being fired for tweeting a Nazi slogan.

O’Brien then opined that Stelter is not being truthful when he claims to be “gobsmacked” and said he would likely book her again and again if she still worked for CNN.

O’Brien concluded by telling Stelter that people don’t trust the media anymore because they book guests who say crazy stuff to get ratings instead of booking thoughtful people who are reasonable.

That’s quite a burn that Stelter and the rest of his CNN colleagues should probably get checked at a burn unit. After all, O’Brien has a really good point, especially in the wake of CNN hiring a Trump loyalist to coordinate 2020 Election coverage.

Clearly, CNN can’t quit hiring Trump’s stooges. So, maybe Trump has a point when he slams CNN for bias. Only it’s bias in Trump’s favor that we should be protesting. Their lies and conspiracies should not be allowed on the air when what this country really needs are facts and good-faith debates instead of propaganda.

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