Stephen King Calls For Impeaching Trump For Being a ‘Chickensh*t’ Who Condones Murder


Horror author Stephen King has zero f*cks left to give as he calls upon Congress to impeach President Donald Trump for a myriad of reasons.

Trump has spent the last two weeks doubling down on his offensive behavior since losing the House to Democrats on Election Day.

And even Republicans have to admit that Trump is out of control and must be reigned in or ousted to save America.

Trump’s behavior, especially in recent weeks, is precisely why King called for impeachment on Tuesday.

But he began blasting Trump on Monday with tweet referring to Trump’s behavior as “sickening.”

And he’s not wrong. Trump has been blaming California for deadly wildfires all while threatening to withhold federal emergency funds from the state as it continues to burn.

And then there’s Trump disrespect of the military, which includes refusing to attend Veteran’s Day ceremonies in France and at Arlington National Cemetery, attacking Admiral William McRaven and his failure to visit troops in war zones.

King called Trump a “chickensh*t” for being a coward who dishonors our troops and veterans.

And it all culminated in pointing out Trump’s hypocrisy over his daughter Ivanka’s email scandal and his unconstitutional appointment of Matt Whitaker as Acting Attorney General, which drove King to call for impeachment.

House Democrats will have the power to impeach Trump in January. The question is whether Republicans in the Senate would vote to convict. Because they are apparently content with being complicit with Trump and his administration rather than do the right thing for the American people and their own party.

Trump’s behavior is getting more and more disgraceful and is unbecoming of the office he holds. It’s time for him to be held accountable for it and face the ultimate consequences as outlined by the Constitution.


Featured Image: Wikimedia