Stop The Blame Game – Florida Students Reported the Shooter on More Than One Occasion

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A few days ago a young man named Nikolas Cruz allegedly walked into his old high school and opened fire with an AR-15, killing 17 people. Since then, a number of people, including President Donald Trump have condemned the kids for not reporting Cruz to the authorities.

Trump even tweeted about it, instead of taking any action at all to help the next round of babies that find themselves in the crosshairs.

Turns out that not only did the students report the shooter time and again to no avail, but he was also a domestic abuser as well. Former friends and classmates of the alleged shooter now say that they received threats from him shortly after a breakup.


Parkland, Florida is ground zero for one of the most horrific mass shooting in US history. Three students sat down with BuzzFeed and told them that they reported Cruz to school administrators because of his erratic and violent behavior when his girlfriend broke up with him and started seeing someone else.

Cruz was expelled from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in 2017. The local sheriff said he was expelled for “disciplinary reasons,” but these students tell a different story.

The students say that the school expelled Cruz after one of two fights he got into with his ex-girlfriend’s new boyfriend.


Dana Craig (16), Matthew Rosario (16), and Enea Sabadini all told Buzzfeed news that the fight most definitely took place. Cruz was angry that Sabadini was dating his ex and flew into one jealous rage after another.

Cruz would send threatening messages with photos of his guns to Sabadini and his ex on Instagram.

“I am going to watch you bleed,” and, “I am going to shoot you dead,” were among the messages Cruz sent to Sabadini.

Some messages threatened to kill Sabadini’s entire family. There were others that said Cruz couldn’t wait to see Sabadini laid out in the grass and bleeding.

So, the students did what they were supposed to do. They went first to Kelvin Greenleaf, a security specialist at the school at that time. Nothing happened as a result.

They then filed written reports with Greenleaf, desperate for someone to believe them and still nothing happened. After the fights went down, they tried again, they told administrators that Cruz had weapons, they begged them to check his backpack.

Greenleaf’s phones have been disconnected and he refused to respond to a request for an interview.


The FBI said it received many tips about Cruz’s threats of violence at school. On top of that, the Broward County Sherriff said his office alone received around 20 calls regarding Cruz over the years as well. Cruz’s Instagram accounts, with a multitude of photographs of his guns, showed an obsession with violence.

There are so many adults who dropped the ball on this thing; one can start to lose count. At least two people were informed on multiple occasions at school. The FBI and the local sheriff were both notified on more than one occurrence.

It’s shameful that anyone would dare to blame these kids. It’s beyond shameful. They have endured enough trauma without the president of their country blaming them when one fact remains: If this kid didn’t have easy access to a firearm, thanks to the NRA’s deep pockets and bought and paid for politicians, there are 17 babies that would be sitting down to dinner with their parents this night instead of resting six feet under in their newly filled-in graves.

Take your blame game somewhere else, Trump; these babies deserve way better.

Feature Image via YouTube Video