Stormy Daniels Humiliated Roseanne In Epic Twitter Comeback


President Donald Trump’s biggest fan Roseanne Barr was totally humiliated by porn star Stormy Daniels on Friday morning after being insulted by the loudmouth “comedian” earlier in the day.

In response to actress Patricia Arquette pointing out that if Daniels doesn’t represent “classy women,” logic dictates that Trump “represents classless men,” Roseanne resorted to using Daniels’ career choice to shut down the argument.

Stormy Daniels read Roseanne’s tweet and soon fired back by reminding everyone about Roseanne’s shitty rendition of the national anthem.

Indeed, Roseanne shrieked out the national anthem prior to a San Diego Padres games in 1990. She also grabbed her crotch afterward and former President George H. W. Bush, a World War II veteran, called her “disgraceful.”

Here’s the cringe-worthy audio via YouTube.

When a Twitter user dared to argue with Daniels about her career, Daniels did not hold back.

And when a Twitter user requested that Daniels not insult vaginas by associating them with Roseanne, Daniels agreed.

About six hours later, a pouting Roseanne responded to getting owned:

What? No witty comeback?

Seriously, Roseanne would be better off not attacking Stormy Daniels in the first place if she really wants everyone to focus on more important things. In short, Roseanne should take her own advice and stop being a hypocrite.

Also, can she explain why she still supports Trump even though he basically admitted to repeatedly lying to the American people about his knowledge of the $130,000 hush money payment to Daniels?

It seems to me that a president who lies to us would be something important to focus on.

Featured Image: YouTube screenshot.