Strippers Pretend To Sell AR-15 Sending Tea-Partier Into Hissyfit Mode

A few exotic dancers in Tennessee attempted to prove a point about how ridiculously easy it is to access a weapon of war and a Republican candidate’s hypocritical response is enough to make you cringe all week.

Dancers from a club called Deja Vu Showgirls in Nashville set up a booth near the club this week with a sign that read:

“Couch Dances: $15. AR-15: $1,000.”


The women wanted to highlight how ridiculous it is that it is easier to purchase a military-style weapon of war than it is to get a job as a nude dancer. Indeed, someone can purchase an AR-15 with no background check and no waiting period, while becoming a stripper is far more difficult. A dancer who gave her name as Mary Jane said:

“You have to get a background check, fingerprinted, and show two passport photos.”

The regulations placed on dancers by Metro’s Sexually Oriented Business Licensing Board get stricter every year. On top of the things Mary Jane mentioned, they even have to wait two weeks before they are allowed to work.

The women weren’t actually selling the AR-15, they were simply making a brilliant political observation. It is utterly horrifying that it is far more difficult to become a stripper than it is to purchase a weapon that is taking out children by the hundreds.

Watch their video here.


Of course, a Republican Senatorial candidate got very angry about the demonstration and lashed out in a hypocritical hissyfit that is becoming par for the course from the right.

Republican candidate Joe Carr said:

“All stunts are meant to generate publicity, and I think this is kind of tragic with what happened in Florida in the school down there and what has happened in a number of schools over the past few years. It should not be minimized by sensational antics by a handful of women in front of a gentleman’s club.”

Apparently, Carr conveniently forgot that just two short years ago, in June 2016, he gave away an AR-15 just like the one the ladies were pretending to sell. The giveaway took place three weeks after one was used in Pulse Nightclub in Orlando to kill 49 people and wound 53 others.


Previously, Carr was a State Rep. in Tennesse which is when he earned an “A” ranking from the NRA. He lost in a re-election campaign against Rep. Diane Black (R-Tenn.).

Carr said the giveaway was to protest against the U.S. Supreme court rejecting a challenge to a state ban on assault weapons.

“We are one administration away from losing our Second Amendment rights,” Carr said at the time. “While the current administration, Hillary Clinton and those on the left continue to disarm America, I will not sit quietly, and that is why I am featuring our Elite Arms AR-15 drawing.”

Over and over again the hypocrisy from the left is enough to at once enrage and mystify me at the same time. They truly must think that the rest of us are as amenable to their lies and propaganda as their followers are.

No matter what, we will continue to highlight their antics until we force each and every one of them back into obscurity.

Feature Image via Facebook Video.