Stunning new poll shows half of Americans want Trump impeached and removed from office

A new poll has very bad news for President Donald Trump: Not only do an overwhelming number of Americans support the impeachment inquiry which the House began recently, but half of those surveyed are also ready to remove Trump from office.

The latest Washington Post-Schar School poll suggests that a tipping point may have been reached when it comes to Trump’s impeachment, Mediaite reports:

58% of the country supports the House Democrats’ impeachment inquiry while 38% are against it. This is a considerable shift in approval for impeachment since the last time a Post-Schar poll was taken on the matter, 59% of the country was against impeachment while 37% were in favor of it.

In terms of whether Trump should be outright removed from office, 49% of the the impeachment inquiry supporters say they would approve of congressional action to make that happen. Around 6% of impeachment backers say they support the inquiry but don’t support Trump’s removal just yet, and the rest are undecided about what Trump’s final fate should be.

Shortly after the poll results were released, MSNBC host Joe Scarborough noted:

“Half of Americans support Donald Trump’s removal from office, and I think part of it is, you could read through the Mueller report — and so many Republicans on the Hill didn’t read through it or a lot of Americans didn’t read through it, there’s a lot there to digest. But if you read it, it’s obvious this president is not acting in America’s best interest.”

Scarborough then added:

“Whether you’re on Fox News, ‘Fox & Friends,’ or whether you’re on the ‘700 Club,’ Pat Robertson, or are whether you’re a guy that goes golfing with Donald Trump and you’ve completely forsaken everything that you believed in with John McCain with constitutional norms, you’re Lindsey Graham, all of these people understand none of this is in America’s best interest.”

It appears the majority of Americans have reached a place of understanding, too. And the polling numbers seem likely to rise higher in the weeks ahead.

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