Swing voters in Wisconsin say they’re ready to dump ‘dirty crook’ Trump

Wisconsin was one of the midwestern states (along with Michigan and Pennsylvania) that Donald Trump wasn’t expected to win in the 2016 election, and now swing voters in the state who cast their ballots for Trump are saying they’re sick and tired of the president.

Axios reports that a focus group held in Appleton, Wisconsin, recently suggests that Trump is not popular with voters who have voted for candidates from both parties.

Wisconsin is a key to the 2020 election, Axios notes:

“Trump barely won Wisconsin, where he got roughly 22,000 more votes than Hillary Clinton, and these swing voters were decisive. If he’s losing them, it will be harder to win the state again with just his base supporters.

Their unhappiness with Trump reveals a larger re-election problem for him: touting a strong economy and low unemployment numbers isn’t cutting it anymore. It’s not necessarily his politics that will be his downfall with these Obama/Trump and Romney/Clinton voters; it’s his personality.”

The focus group conducted by research firms Engagious and Focus Pointe Global included eight Obama/Trump voters and four Mitt Romney/Hillary Clinton voters, and comments from some of the participants make it clear Trump has an uphill battle next year.

  • George Engelmann, a 49-year-old Obama/Trump voter, commented: “I think he’s a dirty crook that lies, cheats, and steals when he can. There’s just a plethora of things that are still coming out.”
  • Adam K.a 47-year-old Obama/Trump voter, wishes the president would just own the lies he’s told: “He’s been caught in a lot of lies. … You know, just admit that you made a mistake and say ‘I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said that.'”
  • Lisa White, a 38-year-old Romney/Clinton voter, doesn’t think she can vote for Trump again based on the way he treats people: “He’s done a lot for jobs and the economy, but I’m all about the way people treat people. And if you’re going to be a jerk, then you kinda don’t need to be the face of America.”

If Trump cannot win states such as Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Ohio in the next election, he won’t be re-elected and could even lose the race by a historic margin. As members of the Wisconsin focus group noted, personality matters, and they’re sick and tired of what they’ve seen from this president.

Featured Image Via CNN Screenshot