Ted Cruz compares himself to Rosa Parks in absurd campaign finance lawsuit


Texas GOP Senator Ted Cruz thought it would be just fine to compare himself to civil rights pioneer Rosa Parks in a lawsuit he’s filed against the Federal Elections Commission (FEC).

Yeah, because Senator Cruz has so much in common with the woman referred to as “the mother of freedom movement,” doesn’t he?

The lawsuit, according to BuzzFeed involves a well-established FEC rule which states that candidates can only reimburse themselves for a set limit:

“(Cruz) is suing to get rid of limits on how much he can reimburse himself for his campaign against Beto O’Rourke.”

More specifically, Cruz loaned his campaign $260,000, but can legally only reimburse himself $250,000. Yes, Cruz is such a cheapskate that he filed a lawsuit over $10,000, which is probably pocket change for him.

Even more disgusting is that Cruz claims in the lawsuit that telling him he can only reclaim $250,000 is like telling “Rosa Parks [to sit] in the back of the bus.”

Reaction on Twitter was as you might expect, and it did not go well for the senator. Take a look:

Here’s a tip for Ted Cruz, free of charge since he’s clearly in such dire financial straits: Next time you want to compare yourself to a civil rights pioneer, do yourself a favor and just slam your fingers in your desk drawer instead.

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