Terrified Trump Has Panicky Melt Down About Mueller Investigation On Twitter

Trump Mueller

As Special Counsel Robert Mueller prepares to deliver his report on the Russia investigation, President Donald Trump flew into a panic on Thursday morning.

Not long after insisting that the White House is “running very smoothly,” Trump followed up that tweet with an attack on Mueller, accusing him of threatening people and screaming at them and describing the “inning workings” as a “total mess.”

The problem is that there’s no way Trump can possibly know this because Mueller has run a tight ship with zero leaks and has been incredibly efficient since being named special counsel. He has worked tirelessly, and had managed to procure several guilty pleas from Trump associates and multiple indictments.

Frankly, this tweet appears to be Trump projecting as his White House has been described as an episode of a tabloid talk show like ‘Maury’ or Jerry Springer.

It also makes Trump look scared because there’s no reason to lash out like this if he were actually innocent and has nothing to hide.

Twitter users delighted in Trump’s panic.

Mueller seems to be set to make an announcement soon, and Trump must have thought that his appointment of Matthew Whitaker as Acting Attorney General would put an end to the investigation. But Mueller smartly put together sealed indictments that cannot be interfered with. And since Whitaker’s appointment is unconstitutional, any move he makes to kill the investigation is automatically null and void, and only adds to Mueller’s growing mountain of evidence of obstruction of justice.

Trump is clearly desperate and these panicked tweets prove it.

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