Texas GOP Senator says he wants his bank to finance migrant child detention centers

Texas Republican Senator John Cornyn is in very hot water for remarks he made on Twitter regarding wanting his bank to be in the business of providing financial backing for migrant child detention centers.

On Thursday, one major U.S. bank, Bank of America, announced that it will no longer do business with any company that operates immigrant and prisoner detention services, according to CNN:

A spokesperson said Wednesday that Bank of America has discussed the issue with its clients that provide those services. While the bank appreciates “steps they have taken to properly execute their contractual and humanitarian responsibilities,” it ultimately decided to “exit the relationships.”

“Lacking further legal and policy clarity, and in recognition of the concerns of our employees and stakeholders in the communities we serve, it is our intention to exit these relationships,” the spokesperson said.

That led Cornyn to tweet out this response:

Detention centers for immigrant children have come under increased scrutiny recently with multiple reports of children being denied basic needs such as blankets, soap, and toothbrushes. There have also been reports that children as young as seven are taking care of babies because care is not being provided by those running the facilities.

Senator Cornyn’s tweet didn’t sit well with many on social media, and he was quickly called out for his comment:

Featured Image Via NBC News