The ‘Christian’ response when an Evangelical pastor calls for standing against white nationalism

evangelical Moore

An evangelical pastor called upon Christians to stand up to racism and white nationalism, but they chose to attack her instead, thus demonstrating that white nationalists have taken over Christianity in America.

Beth Moore is an evangelical, but she is also one of the few evangelicals who are critical of President Donald Trump, whose racist and violent rhetoric incited a white nationalist to kill 22 people in El Paso less than two weeks ago.

In the wake of the shooting, Moore courageously addressed the slayings and called for Christians to finally see the light and reject white nationalists, who like the shooter in El Paso, often invoke Christianity and God to justify their evil actions and ideology.

It’s a good message that any true Christian would follow. Unfortunately, many Christians are racist, so instead of fighting back against hate, they attacked Moore.

Clearly, the hate is strong with conservative evangelicals. And, sadly, it’s too late to save their souls.

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