Tillerson’s Days Are Numbered Say DC Insiders

The White House is tossing around a plan to oust Rex Tillerson from the State Department according to sources inside the beltway. Tillerson was one of the staunchest supporters of Donald Trump in his run for President and, as the former CEO of Exxon seemed poised to help dismantle the institutions of government to help corporate America.

After the election, however, Tillerson finally figured out that Trump’s rhetoric and tendencies for stupidity were not an act. It’s just how stupid and arrogant Trump is. This realization caused the relationship between Tillerson and Trump to deteriorate quickly.

Tillerson has been causing a lot of controversy with his attempts to reduce the State Department’s personnel by 31%, including many high-level diplomats with lifelong experience in their field. Frighteningly, he is defending the cuts with his sincere belief that President Trump will end all war. Now it looks like Tillerson will be a part of that downsizing effort as well.

Mike Pompeo, who currently heads the CIA, is the favored replacement for Tillerson. Pompeo has stated he would gladly accept the post. Should Pompeo be appointed, his replacement at the CIA is rumored to be Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas who is already a fervent Trump supporter and a vocal supporter of improved national security measures, which is Orwellian double-speak for the authorization of government overreach into the lives of private citizens.

Tillerson’s departure from the State Department has been brewing for some time, but still, this does not bode well for the Trump Administration. With high turnover rates and the dismantling of the staff infrastructure at all levels of the Executive Branch, the turmoil within the White House seems destined to have repercussions that far outlast this administration.

Trump is either unwilling to or incapable of leading people which is readily apparent in this latest turnover of personnel.

We miss the days when a cream-colored suit was a Presidential controversy…