Tomi Lahren Attacks Women’s March Organizers And Then Gets Repeatedly Schooled By Them

Tomi Lahren
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Conservative firebrand and white supremacist Barbie Tomi Lahren mocked the Women’s March LA on Sunday, only to be repeatedly schooled in response.

Earlier this week, the Women’s March chapter in Eureka decided to cancel an upcoming annual protest scheduled for January 19th due to participation being overwhelmingly white instead of the diverse group organizers were hoping for.

“This decision was made after many conversations between local social-change organizers and supporters of the march,” organizers said in a statement. “The local organizers are continuing to meet and discuss how to broaden representation in the organizing committee to create an event that represents and supports peoples who live here in Humboldt.”

It’s still possible that the march can proceed if more women of color are represented, but for now, it remains cancelled.

Lahren responded to the news by mocking Women’s March LA:

The problem is that the cancelled march is in Eureka, California, which is 645 miles north of Los Angeles, a fact that Women’s March LA pointed out to her:

Schooled, but not enough to shut her up, Lahren continued attacking:

Seriously, she should have just stopped talking because Women’s March LA quickly fired back:

But Lahren responded by accusing Women’s March and their supporters of being “bitter” and “feeling sorry” for themselves after asking what rights they don’t have:

Women’s March has yet to respond, probably because they know it’s pointless to keep responding to a troll.

As for what rights they are fighting for, that’s an easy one.

They are fighting for equal pay for equal work since women currently make 80.5 cents for every dollar a man makes for doing the same job. Pay discrimination hurts women and families and probably even affects Lahren since many of her male colleagues at Fox News probably make more than she does for doing the same job as a pundit.

Women are also fighting to end sexual harassment and assault, especially in the workplace. Lahren should be able to understand that since she works at Fox News, where women have been frequent targets of sexual harassment over the years.

In addition, women are fighting for better child care services, healthcare, maternity leave, civil rights, and a whole host of other things that would benefit Lahren. In short, they are fighting for her just as much as they are fighting for all other women regardless of whether or not those women support their cause.

Lahren should be grateful.

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