Tomi Lahren Cheers Gassing Women And Children At The Border As ‘Highlight’ Of Her Thanksgiving Weekend

Tomi Lahren
Featured Image Via YouTube Video.

Fox News contributor Tomi Lahren has made no secret of the fact that she hates immigrants, so it’s no wonder then that white nationalist Barbie applauds tear gassing women and children at the border.

Central American migrants fleeing violence and death in their homeland are seeking asylum at the southern border, but when they attempted to apply for asylum at a legal port of entry, border agents responded by firing tear gas and smoke grenades at them, forcing them to flee in absolute terror.

Images and video of the disgraceful incident show women and small children trying to desperately escape the noxious gas.

And Lahren thinks attacking unarmed women and children is the equivalent of defending the country:

Lahren should be disgusted by how border agents treated women and children, not cheering them on. But because the migrants have brown skin she’s all for it.

And Twitter users skewered her heartlessness:

We should be welcoming these migrants with open arms, not subjecting them to physical attacks that amount to violations of the Geneva Convention and human rights. In fact, it could be considered an act of war since the agents fired the gas onto Mexican soil.

This is not an invasion by people who want to do us harm. They are merely seeking better lives for themselves and their families as generations of American families did in the past, including Lahren’s.

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