Tomi Lahren gets dog-walked by Twitter after getting owned AGAIN by Cardi B

Tomi Lahren
Featured Image Via YouTube Video.

Rapper Cardi B put white supremacy barbie Tomi Lahren in her place again on Monday, this time for cruelly mocking rapper 21 Savage, drawing a lame response from Lahren that resulted in her getting taken to the woodshed on Twitter.

It turns out that rapper 21 Savage is allegedly from the United Kingdom and reportedly could be deported. And Lahren apparently considers the news funny and tweeted about getting ICE agents to do it.

In response, Cardi B returned fire by reminding Lahren of their last Twitter spat.

Last month, Cardi B warned Lahren not to mess with her after the racist blonde attacked her for supporting Democrats in the shutdown fight over President Donald Trump’s wall.

Well, Lahren had nine hours to think about a reply, and she humiliatingly fell flat on her face.

Twitter users followed through on Cardi B’s threat by dog-walking Lahren on social media.

One would think Lahren would have learned her lesson about opening her mouth on Twitter by now, especially after she got owned by the organizers of the Women’s March last month. Or that time she got ripped apart for cheering the gassing of women and children at the border. Or how about the time Twitter roasted her for attacking Parkland school shooting survivors?

Seriously, how many times does she have to make an a** of herself before she finally stops picking fights she can’t finish?


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