Trump accuses Bill Clinton of murdering Epstein and all hell breaks loose


President Donald Trump irresponsibly tried to pin the death of billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein on former President Bill Clinton in a retweet that resulted in serious backlash.

Epstein allegedly committed suicide in his jail cell early Saturday morning after weeks of being in the custody of the Southern District of New York.

His death comes just two weeks after he had been placed on suicide watch.

Naturally, conspiracy theories immediately propagated on Twitter, especially since Attorney General Bill Barr had removed Epstein from suicide watch. Epstein’s trial was scheduled for next year, during which he could have made damaging revelations against Trump and other powerful men, including Clinton.

But rather than act presidential and stay away from perpetuating a conspiracy theory, Trump retweeted a post accusing Clinton of having Epstein killed.

The problem is that Epstein died under Trump’s watch. His Department of Justice was responsible for his welfare in federal prison. Barr is the one who removed Epstein from suicide watch. If anything, the facts point to Trump. He had the power and the reach to prevent Epstein from talking, and now he won’t be.

Clinton, on the hand, has no such power or reach.

Twitter users expressed absolute disgust over Trump’s retweet, even suggesting that Trump may be inciting his supporters to kill his political opponents:

Just when you thought Trump could not disgrace the office any worse than he already has.

Featured Image: Wikimedia