Trump accuses Democrats of letting doctors kill babies after birth and gets wrecked by an actual doctor


President Donald Trump stepped on a landmine on Monday night when he literally accused Democrats of wanting doctors to “execute” babies after birth, drawing the ire of an actual doctor who proceeded to rip him a new one.

Senate Democrats refused to vote for a stunt bill introduced by Republicans in response to a statement made by Virginia Governor Ralph Northam, which would ban doctors from withdrawing life-prolonging measures at the behest of parents of babies who won’t survive outside the womb because of a horrible defect or fatal condition.

Its a heartbreaking situation for any parent to find themselves in and doctors are there to provide the best care to make the infant as comfortable as possible before death.

But conservatives think this is late-term abortion for some reason and Trump continued to perpetuate that lie by lashing out at Democrats for opposing it.

But the babies he is talking about are those who are already going to die. There is no saving these babies. What Republicans want is to prolong suffering, not life.

In response to Trump’s tweet, an actual medical doctor wrecked him for his careless and incendiary remarks.

It should also be pointed out that killing a baby after birth is already illegal so the law being passed would have been redundant as well while making it harder for doctors to provide palliative care to babies who are suffering.

Rather than continue pandering to anti-abortion fanatics, Republicans should talk to actual doctors and parents who have had to make these heartbreaking decisions. Of course, that won’t change their minds. The only thing that will really do that is if they or a family member go through it themselves.

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