Trump Accuses FBI Of Forcing Witnesses To Lie In Nonsensical Rant About Flynn


President Donald Trump accused the FBI of forcing disgraced former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn to lie in exchange for a plea deal in a panicky tweet that smacks of desperation.

As we all know, Flynn was busted for lying to the FBI about his contact with the Russians, forcing him to resign his White House role in 2017. He was also the one of the first Trump associates to make a plea deal with Special Counsel Robert Mueller, and because of his extensive cooperation he will likely serve little to no time in jail. And that’s bad news for Trump because Flynn must have given Mueller some seriously good testimony to get such a sentencing recommendation.

But in yet another desperate and nonsensical Twitter rant, Trump claimed that the FBI “overrode” themselves and that Flynn was forced to “make up stories” all while writing off Flynn’s lies as “the smallest of misstatements.”

Trump then tacked on a screaming tweet with his favorite claim about the Russia investigation.

CNN’s Brianna Keilar fact-checked Trump’s version of events.

And former federal prosecutor Renato Mariotti agreed.

Other legal experts also weighed in.

Indeed, lying to the FBI is a crime, one which Flynn got caught committing. Trump clearly does not know how the law works, and he certainly doesn’t understand what the FBI and Justice Department do.

The bottom line is that Flynn faced prison time for these crimes, and he decided to flip on Trump and help investigators rather than spend time in jail for his former boss. Trump should be very afraid of what Flynn told Mueller, and he’s showing that fear by lashing out on Twitter like a cornered criminal.

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