Trump accuses McCabe and Rosenstein of treason in morning tantrum


President Donald Trump is watching Fox & Friends, so of course, he would conclude that former FBI Assistant Director Andrew McCabe and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein have committed treason, which he accused them of in a Twitter tantrum on Monday.

After watching Fox & Friends discuss McCabe’s explosive Sunday interview on 60 Minutes in which he confirmed that he and Rosenstein considered wearing a wire to get evidence of Trump’s intent by firing former FBI Director James Comey.

It turns out they didn’t need to wear a wire anyway because Trump admitted he did it in an effort to kill the Russia investigation during an interview with NBC’s Lester Holt soon after and again during an Oval Office meeting with Russian officials.

In response to McCabe’s interview, Trump went off the rails on Twitter by accusing both McCabe and Rosenstein of treason while taking a shot at former Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

It doesn’t matter who voted for Trump, the bottom line is that McCabe and Rosenstein discussed using a viable investigative tool and ultimately decided not to do so. Even if they had, it’s not treason to find out if the president is a criminal or an enemy agent working for a hostile nation such as Russia. What’s far more alarming is McCabe’s revelation that Trump listened to Russian dictator Vladimir Putin over our own intelligence officials.

According to NPR:

Exhibit A: an FBI briefing with Trump that had “gone completely off the rails from the very beginning.”

McCabe said the topic was supposed to be how Russian intelligence officers were using diplomatic compounds inside the U.S. to gather intelligence on American spy agencies. Those compounds were closed as part of the long diplomatic chill between the two countries.

“Instead the president kind of went off on a diatribe,” McCabe told NPR, explaining that Trump changed the subject to his belief that North Korea had not actually launched any missiles because Russian President Vladimir Putin told him that the U.S. intelligence assessment was wrong and that “it was all a hoax.”

The president, in short, was taking the word of Putin over his own top advisers.

Now, THAT’S treason.

Featured Image: Wikimedia