Trump Admits His Border Wall Isn’t Necessary After Endless Threats Against Democrats

Trump wall

President Donald Trump is still whining about his wall, this time threatening to oppose rebuilding our infrastructure if Democrats don’t support it. And then he slipped up by admitting the wall is totally unnecessary.

The Senate passed a stop-gap spending bill late Wednesday night that will keep the government funded and running until early February if the House passes it and Trump signs it.

But House Republican leaders appear to support it, even without border wall funding as part of the measure, which means Trump will be pressured to sign it or risk causing a government shutdown that he has already taken the blame for if it occurs.

The bill comes despite Trump’s demand that it includes billions of dollars to build a wall along the southern border, which is nothing more than a vanity project that Trump wants as a monument to himself that won’t do anything to solve our immigration issues.

Realizing that Congress ignored his demands, Trump took to Twitter Thursday morning to whine.

Trump once again tried to rebrand the wall, not as a concrete structure but as a border fence that is already a reality on the border. He then threatened Democrats that if they don’t support his wall, he won’t sign any infrastructure legislation.

Of course, infrastructure is something Trump also promised his base, so reneging on it in desperation for his useless wall would hurt him politically and would also hurt a nation that sorely needs infrastructure spending. Besides, Trump is apparently ignoring that Republicans control the Senate and will likely reject any Democratic legislation anyway whether he supports it or not.

Furthermore, it appears we don’t even need the wall because Trump literally bragged that the “border is tight” and that no migrants can get through.

Seriously, why would we need to wasting money building a wall if the border is already impenetrable? A wall just makes no sense, especially now that Trump has just admitted that it’s unnecessary.

It seems like Trump is both demanding his wall and trying to justify not building it at the same time by declaring some sort of victory. It’s pathetic.

This is a clear defeat for Trump no matter how he tries to spin it. Republicans control both houses of Congress. They could add the funding to the bill, but even they know building a wall is ridiculous and a massive waste of money. Their hands were also tied by Trump, who threatened a shutdown and then took the blame for it before it even happened. So, they left wall funding out of the bill so that Trump will be solely to blame for shutting down the government if he refuses to sign it.

Trump backed himself into a corner and this whole saga proves he’s a bad leader who is incapable of making deals. Sad!


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