Trump And Giuliani Both Tweet Out Discredited Claims About The FBI

It appears that the legal strategy for President Donald Trump has now devolved into him and his so-called attorney, Rudy Giuliani, tweeting out lies about the FBI for daring to investigate Trump for allegedly conspiring with Russia.

Over a short span of time Saturday, both Trump and Giuliani attacked former FBI agents Peter Strzok and Lisa Page. Trump posted this:

Giuliani repeated the accusation:

Here’s the problem with the tweets: The inspector general for the Department of Justice found zero evidence that any FBI agents or other members of federal law enforcement deliberately destroyed any text messages, all of which were recovered by the Bureau.

Strzok, you may recall, sent anti-Trump texts to Page while they were both working at the FBI. He was eventually fired and Page resigned merely because they dared to express their opinions of then-candidate Donald Trump. As it turns out, many of their fears about Trump being compromised by Russia have turned out to be substantiated through the indictments and other court documents filed by Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s office.

It seems obvious that the intent of both Trump and Giuliani is to question the integrity of the very agencies investigating the president for his contacts with Russia, as other Twitter users reminded both men:

Featured Image Via NBC News