Trump and his bone spurs mocked after he announces arrival in Vietnam 50 years too late


President Donald Trump announced his arrival in Vietnam on Tuesday morning, only to be greeted with mockery and ridicule about his bone spurs and dodging the draft during the Vietnam War.

Trump traveled to Vietnam for a second summit with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un this week where it is feared he will agree to concessions in a desperate effort to get a mere pinky swear that North Korea will denuclearize even though his own intelligence chiefs have warned that Kim Jong Un has no intention of giving up his nuclear arsenal.

Upon landing, Trump announced his arrival on Twitter.

His arrival to Vietnam, however, is 51 years too late.

In 1968, Trump was a college graduate and an athlete. Yet, he somehow got diagnosed with bone spurs, which he used as his reason to get out of being drafted for military service during the Vietnam War. Thousands of American men fought and died in the war as Trump stayed home, including the late-Senator John McCain, who would be tortured as a prisoner of war. In fact, Trump received five deferments to avoid it.

Even the daughter of the doctor who diagnosed Trump has come forward to say that her father helped Trump dodge the draft as a favor to Trump’s dad, a wealthy businessman who had deep enough pockets to make such an arrangement.

In response to Trump’s tweet, Twitter users mercilessly mocked him for his cowardice 50 years ago.

Trump only has himself to blame, not only because he dodged the draft, but because he drew attention to his cowardice by hypocritically attacking Vietnam veterans like McCain and whining about alleged lies by others about their own service.

In the end, Trump could have held this summit with Kim Jong Un anywhere but Vietnam to avoid the inevitable ridicule. Unfortunately, it looks like America is going to surrender to the enemy in Vietnam again.

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